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"Survivor’s Guilt" SINGLE Signed Paperback Edition

"Survivor’s Guilt" SINGLE Signed Paperback Edition

Survivor’s Guilt SINGLE Signed Edition

IMPORTANT NOTE: This version is ONLY SIGNED BY Aron Beauregard. If you'd like to add Matt Shaw's signature, you'll need to buy a signed bookplate from his Etsy store "ShawThingByMatt."

Survivor's Guilt
a condition of persistent mental and emotional stress experienced by someone who has survived an incident in which others died.

Connie (written by Aron Beauregard) and Ray (written by Matt Shaw) have both survived traumatic events where others were not so lucky. Whilst some survivors are grateful to have lived, others carry with them a heavy feeling of guilt. Why did I survive when others died? Could I have done something to help others escape too? For those with such uncomfortable and haunting questions, there are groups set up to help them find the answers they seek.

Connie and Ray aren't like the other survivors though.

They aren't grateful they survived, and nor do they feel the same guilt weighing heavy on the shoulders of others sitting with them on a weekly basis. Connie and Ray have other thoughts and - brought together in this group, they realise that whilst the group might not be able to help them... They can help each other...

Survivor's Guilt is an extreme horror from two of horror's darkest imaginations. There are violent scenes which some may find upsetting. If you're of a sensitive nature, please do not read this title. This book is intended for those who like their horror "darker".