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"Pizza Face" Signed Paperback Bundle

"Pizza Face" Signed Paperback Bundle

This includes the following:

- 1 "Pizza Face" Signed Paperback
- 1 "Pizza Face" High-Quality Fridge Magnet

IMPORTANT: Books come with signature only unless specified otherwise. Please use the optional "Notes" field upon checkout to specify if would like Aron to add a small inscription, and what name you'd like him to address the inscription to.

Book Design:


What if you were the cock of the walk in high school? Worshipped by all for your flawless appearance and arrogant persona, until you woke up one morning to find that your once pristine skin had been stolen and replaced with a pus-oozing malformed flesh-scape? What if shadows were given a will of their own? What if the family dog stumbled upon a new class of bizarre and highly aggressive animals? What if there was a way to still physically be with a loved one after they passed on? What if the plants around us found a different kind of solace in the affection we display? Find out the answers in Pizza Face.

Pizza Face includes 5 unfathomable tales of disturbing mutation, paired with 15 original, malevolent artworks.

WARNING: This book contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.