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Dark Assembly Signed Paperback


Comes with paperback signed by Aron Beauregard, AB Horror Bleeding Through Boundaries Bookmark + Sticker, and AB Horror shockingly sick sticker!

IMPORTANT: Signed books come with inscription and signature only unless specified otherwise. If you would like the book addressed to your name (or someone else's as a gift), please use the optional "Notes" field upon checkout to specify the name you would like Aron to make it out to.

Book Description:


This assembly of putrid tales will drag you into the darkest regions of humanity. It will push extremes and test the mental and moral boundaries of those who choose to participate.

Meet a woman who carries a dead baby inside her womb and also the belief that her stillborn fetus will somehow find life again. Connect with a nomadic punk-rocker who's out to make a quick buck when he's presented with a sickening conundrum. Join two teenage psychopaths as they bring hell to the suburbs on Devil's Night. Follow a child of the streets who finally steered away from a life of crime only to be drawn back by a bizarre new drug. Take part in a gruesome and nefarious ritual that can restore one's innocence, or worm your way into the dark web beside a sadistic pedophile with a bottomless desire to kill and destroy.

How should you feel after digesting these admittedly obscene and repulsive stories? Ask yourself if enjoying them makes you a horrible person or if hating them somehow justifies your journey into this storm of violence and perversion. For the sick and willing, please join in our Dark Assembly…

This volume includes 26 interior illustrations.

WARNING: This book contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

IMPORTANT: Books come with signature and random inscription only unless specified otherwise. Please use the optional "Notes" field upon checkout to specify if would like Aron to mention you directly by name and what name you'd like him to address the inscription to.