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"The Slob" Signed Paperback Bundle

"The Slob" Signed Paperback Bundle

This bundle contains:

- 1 "The Slob" Paperback Signed
- 1 "The Slob" High-Quality Fridge Magnet
- 1 "The Slob" Dual-Sided Keychain
- 1 "The Slob" Collectable Bookmark
- 1 AB Horror Circle Sticker

IMPORTANT: Books come with signature only unless specified otherwise. Please use the optional "Notes" field upon checkout to specify if would like Aron to add a small inscription, and what name you'd like him to address the inscription to.

Book Description:


Raised in a household so filthy it was stomach-spilling, Vera involuntarily evolved into a neat freak. Upon discovering she and her disabled husband Daniel are expecting, she needs fast cash. Her obsession with cleanliness sprouts the concept that her skills can be put to use in a unique way. She takes a stab at the booming door-to-door vacuum sales business of 1988.

All is going well until she arrives at the steps of a house that will change her forever. The steps of an evil that resurrects the ghastly memories she so desperately tried to wash away. Nothing will prepare you for the nastiness, disorder, and sickening horror brought forth by... The Slob.

The Slob contains 24 interior illustrations and was nominated for the 2021 Splatterpunk Awards!

WARNING: This book contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.