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"Sew Sorry" Single-Signed Bundle


This package contains the following:

- 1 "Sew Sorry" Paperback Single-Signed by Aron Beauregard
- 1 "Sew Sorry" Collectable Bookmark
- 1 AB Horror Shockingly Sick Dual Sided Keychain
- 1 AB Horror Shockingly Sick Sticker

IMPORTANT: Sew Sorry comes with a singles-signed by Aron Beauregard ONLY.

ADDITIONALLY: Signed books come with inscription and signature only unless specified otherwise. If you would like the book addressed to your name (or someone else's as a gift), please use the optional "Notes" field upon checkout to specify the name you would like Aron to make it out to.

Book Description:


Henry’s mother has enough money to live more than comfortably. But the only comfort she can concentrate on is her bizarre obsession. She can’t help but constantly seek out the donation bins on the darker side of the city. The only problem is, she isn’t putting clothing into them, she’s taking it out. Until one frigid night when she accidentally unveils her selfish secret to everyone. After the revelation, the layer of shame left lathered on Henry becomes backbreaking. As Halloween approaches, macabre ideas manifesting in Henry’s head spark a series of events that will lead to sins far worse than stealing.

Garrison is hungry and cold. The only thing in his sights is finding a way to turn a dollar and his next foul meal. His own perseverance knows no bounds. His diabolical deeds are hidden in the shadowy alleys. He aims to survive, no matter who he has to trick or turn out in the process. But after burning too many bridges, he finds himself on an island. Alone, save for the salivating teeth of vengeance.

When a tarnished teenager and heartless hobo collide, the streets will run red. Rich or poor, we all rot the same.

WARNING: This book contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.