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Hallucinations Signed Paperback

Hallucinations Signed Paperback

Comes with paperback signed by Aron Beauregard and AB Horror circle sticker!

Book Description:


In the grips of a bad trip, the hellish and overwhelming delusions are inescapable. Scarier than the overpowering visuals and boundless paranoia is the promise that there's no way out. Are you prepared to take that psychedelic pilgrimage? Are you ready to gaze upon an absurd growth that's gobbling up the entire world? Or take an unknown substance and hop on a private jet that spirals out of control? Would you let a young girl that spreads nasty rumors bend your ear to further her bizarre agenda? Are you willing to be paralyzed and stuffed into a coffin that's ejected into outer space, or overdose and have your consciousness transferred into a disturbed bird? These experiences merely scratch the surface of the lives you're set to live should you agree to take the trip...

This volume includes 33 interior illustrations.

WARNING: This book contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

IMPORTANT: Books come with signature and random inscription only unless specified otherwise. Please use the optional "Notes" field upon checkout to specify if would like Aron to mention you directly by name and what name you'd like him to address the inscription to.