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Modern Hysteria Signed Paperback Bundle


This exclusive package includes the following:

- 1 "Modern Hysteria" Signed Paperback
- 1 "Modern Hysteria" High-Quality Fridge Magnet
- 1 "Modern Hysteria" Collectable Bookmark
- 1 "Mr. Boy" Button/Pin
- 1 "AB Horror" Cutting-Edge Horror Sticker

IMPORTANT: Signed books come with inscription and signature only unless specified otherwise. If you would like the book addressed to your name (or someone else's as a gift), please use the optional "Notes" field upon checkout to specify the name you would like Aron to make it out to.

Book Description:


A mysterious internet figure, known only as Mr. Boy, is preying on depressed teenagers and brainwashing them into horrific acts of self-harm and suicide. The macabre message behind ‘The Dropout Challenge’ is simple: Dropout of sight. Dropout of school. Dropout of society. Dropout of life altogether.

Derek Pearson is a struggling graphic novelist whose younger brother took his own life after becoming ensnared in The Dropout Challenge. Upon hitting rock bottom, Derek becomes obsessed with pulling back the curtain on the malevolent mastermind responsible for his brother’s gruesome demise.

Despite a lack of urgency from the authorities and his outrage regarding the tragedy, Derek has also discovered a strange positive trend in his artistic trajectory. For the first time in his life the story he’s telling through his illustrations is worth finishing. But with art imitating life, many questions still remain. Who decides how it ends? And has Derek become more fixated with crafting the perfect conclusion for his masterpiece than getting justice for his family?

This volume contains 15 interior illustrations.

WARNING: This book contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.