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"In the Hands of the Heathens" Signed Paperback Bundle

"In the Hands of the Heathens" Signed Paperback Bundle

This bundle includes the following:

- 1 "In the Hands of the Heathens" Signed Paperback
- 1 "In the Hands of the Heathens" High-Quality Fridge Magnet

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Book Description:


When a group of college students set out to a remote jungle in Madagascar to study a nocturnal endangered species for their thesis, things don’t quite go as planned. After being saturated with supernatural folklore, an unexpected act of violence forces them to abandon their study immediately. In the midst of the chaos and terror, one of them doesn’t make it back…

Upon returning, things seem different. It’s not just the anonymous calls and messages that they’re starting to receive blaming them for the death of their friend, it’s also the feeling that something may have followed them home. That something is watching them and waiting for the right moment to make them pay.

Is it a mixture of trauma and paranoia, or is there a more carnal explanation for the evil stalking them?

This book includes 20 interior illustrations.

WARNING: This book contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.