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Wet Market Signed Paperback Bundle


The Wet Market Signed Paperback Bundle includes the following items:

- 1 Wet Market Signed Paperback
- 1 Wet Market Collectable Bookmark
- 1 AB Horror Shockingly Sick Key Chain
- 1 AB Horror Splatterpunk Outsider Sticker (4x4 inches)

Book Description:


World-renowned chef, Kason Anders, has a secret compulsion. Divulging in his obsession has brought him to the darkest corners of the globe. But redundancy can make even the most extraordinary experiences grow old. However, if the rumors prompting his return to Singapore are true, Kason's taste buds will never be bored again.

Lao Goh has fallen on hard times. In an attempt to fund a procedure for his ailing daughter, he's involved himself with an insidious enterprise. If he can appease Kason's palate and guide the celebrity chef through the underbelly of Pinzhong wet market, Lao may acquire a lifesaving commission. But will he make it back out of the wet market or become another product inside it?

Get ready for one of Aron Beauregard's most squirm-worthy and heartbreaking tales. Includes five other stories of the macabre and an expanded personal essay, The Best and Worst Days of My Life, exploring the inspiration behind Wet Market and his viral success.

This volume contains 15 interior illustrations.

WARNING: This book contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.