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U-Turns: The Girl In The Cellar Dual Signed Paperback

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U-Turns: The Girl In The Cellar Dual Signed Paperback

U-Turns: The Girl In The Cellar Dual-Signed Edition

This paperback is one of a few remaining copies signed by both Aron Beauregard and Matt Shaw. The adhesive bookplate with both signatures attaches right to the book.

Book Description:

Book One: The Girl in the Cellar - Matt Shaw and Aron Beauregard

No matter what she does, Brooke cannot put her past behind her. Wherever she goes, whatever she does - he is never far from her thoughts. More specifically, what he did to her. Brooke knows the only way to rid herself of this nightmare is to ensure it can never happen again and, for that, she needs to take the law into her own hands. But, she also knows, once she goes down that path - her life will change forever. The question is - for better or worse?

Warning: This is an extreme horror. There are brutal, potentially upsetting scenes within. For those who are easily shocked or offended, please do not purchase this book.