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Morbid Curiosities Book 3: Cemetery Camp - Signed Paperback Bundle

Morbid Curiosities Book 3: Cemetery Camp - Signed Paperback Bundle

The "Cemetery Camp" Signed Paperback Bundle includes the following items:

- 1 "Cemetery Camp" Signed Paperback
- 1 "Cemetery Camp" Dual-Sided Collectable Bookmark
- 1 Cemetery Skull
- 1 AB Horror Shockingly Sick Sticker

IMPORTANT: Signed books come with inscription and signature only unless specified otherwise. If you would like the book addressed to your name (or someone else's as a gift), please use the optional "Notes" field upon checkout to specify the name you would like Aron to make it out to.

Book Description:


Mia Simms has nowhere else to turn. Her son is fresh out of juvie and falling back into his old ways. Without a purpose or father figure, she is certain Kyle’s penchant for violence will only escalate unless something drastic happens. Mia knows little about the methods used at the grimly titled "Cemetery Camp." But is aware their radical practices have resulted in miraculous turnarounds for even the most troubled teenagers. Could Kyle be another success story? Or will he become the exception that gets buried on the cold graveyard grounds?

This volume contains 5 interior illustrations.

WARNING: This book contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.